The Church, Rule of Law and Personhood

This in reply to my question to a friend, a devout Catholic about Ron Paul as a Presidential candidate concerning abortion and states rights. With his permission I quote:

” Look to Thomas More on this one. Pick up a copy of ‘A Man for All Seasons.’ It is a good introduction to the Catholic teaching on the Rule of Law. The problem is that the Supreme Court overstepped its constitutional authority in order to pass the abortion Law. It acted as the Legislature and the Executive Branches of government. Without restoring the constitution it won’t matter if congress and a president ratify a life amendment to the constitution when the Supreme Court will declare it unconstitutional.

Ron Paul says, as the constitution does, that falls under the per-view of the State. Pryor to Roe v Wade, all states declared abortion illegal. The constitution worked because people respected the Rule of Law.

It all goes to government being more local to respect the sovereignty of the person. Most Catholics are unaware of the Church’s teaching on personhood, or the Rule of Law.

In “A Man for All Seasons”, More’s son in law Roper proclaims that he would cut down all the laws. I won’t give you More’s response. You will have to go see the movie.”

The Rule of Law

Catechism of the Catholic Church, Part 3 Section 1, Chapter 2.

Here’s the link.

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Battlefield: The Peaceful Church Militant

Wars are always going on and on. One ends, another one starts somewhere else. I am reminded of old Bob Dylan song “Blowin’ In The Wind” that says,” How many deaths will it take ’till he knows that too many people have died?”

Another war is being waged on another battlefield every day. People are being brutally slaughtered on the pro-life battlefield all the time.  Killed before they are born. But we don’t kill their murderers, abortionists and abortion workers, the over fifty million women who have chosen abortion or persons who were complicit in those murders. Boyfriends, husbands, parents, probably another fifty million, and many more unreported “back alley’ procedures. Also guilty are the government entities who passed the law that supports this murder, and all of these adding up to many millions of souls. People deluded and mislead by the evil one, with SOULS.

The catechism of the Catholic church says we have a right to protect our families and country from harm, therefore war, sometimes justified, and sadly sometimes not. In the pro-life arena we wage war in another way, through prayer, education and outreach, showing up for women in front of abortion facilities armed with love, support and alternative resources. Another weapon is our vote and legislation to protect people from abortion. Even if it means protecting them from themselves, we do our best.

It also says prisoners of war should be justly treated, no torture. For individuals who have committed serious crimes we have jails, and if Jesus forgave the people who killed him, shouldn’t we? We don’t forgive and then kill. We are called to forgive, as difficult as it is sometimes, and to pray for that person to repent and ask forgiveness. He did it from the cross. If the person is killed we eliminate the possibility of repentance, spiritual change and growth. Sometimes people don’t change or repent. Still we must pray for them. ” Do good to those who hate you.”Jesus and so many of the Saints gave us that example.  “Vengeance is mine ” said the Lord.” “Be angry and sin not”  says St Paul. Someone else asked recently on another blog if using the death penalty to make someone feel better is okay? Does feeling better outweigh a person’s soul? The answer is obvious. We all must forgive in order to enter heaven because Jesus asked us to and He lived and died for everyone, murderers too. He came for, and is still here for sinners!

I am reminded of St. Maria Goretti, stabbed repeatedly by a young man who tried to rape her. She forgave her murderer on her deathbed for the love of Jesus. She said because she had forgiven him and asked God to forgive him, he would go to heaven and she would see him there! She desired his soul to be saved. She was a real, live flesh and blood person, not some mythological creation! We are all called to desire our brothers and sisters go to heaven, and that includes abortionists and others who have tortured and or have been complicit in the taking of life. Another piece of this story we don’t think about goes, the police had to restrain an angry mob who wanted to hang her murderer on the spot. If they had succeeded, he would not have repented, which he did and deeply. God used Maria and her attacker. They demonstrated to us forgiveness, and repentance.

Why do we have Saints? To teach us to live more Godly lives. To help us to make more Christ-like choices and to grow in holiness.

Thank you Jesus our savior for forgiving us. Thank you for your mercy and compassion for all your children. We love you and wish to do your will. Enlighten our hearts and minds with your truth. Give us the grace we need to grow stronger in battle here on earth and to be more of what you desire us to be. Strengthen us for the battle until the end.

St Maria Goretti pray for us!                                                       JMJ

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Victim – Perpetrator

Abortion.  How I have come to hate this word. Some of you have noticed how some words when spoken sound like what they represent, say for instance vomit. Sorry, but you get my drift. In my book abortion is one of those. Such brutality, force and finality in this word. Innocent pre-born infants robbed of life.  And their mother’s robbed too, of their dignity, maternity and integrity as women, as mothers, even if they aren’t aware of it.

Please allow me to share a couple of true stories with you and then you decide for yourself if post abortive women are victims. I can shed a little light on the subject since I have, very unfortunately, walked down that dark road more than once in my past.

How are women the victimized as well exactly? First, by a government which condones child murder, little known to most people as a population control tool under the guise of “personal freedom” or “women’s rights”,  and for money.  Don’t take my word for it, all the statistics are out there for the looking. I’m not going to run off how many abortion procedures Planned Parenthood performs per annum compared to the rest of their services, and how much money that is, or how it all started and why. You research how it all started, the genocide and population control information. So, if the gov condones it that means it must be alright? Just like people believe the minimum recommended dosages of vitamins, or that if the Dr. says it, it must be so. But this juxtaposes something deep inside that whispers it’s against nature, and will always be unsettling, conflicted, nagging in our minds and hearts. There is an innate understanding that this is against nature.

Victimized too by a culture which exploits women for their beauty and sexual attractiveness, encouraging promiscuity, and which does not honor and elevate motherhood and all that go with it.  Changing diapers and warming bottles, not sexy, not as valuable?? A society, a world in fact, which repeating like a mantra over and over there are too many people. The truth is we are not replacing ourselves, and some countries badly need more people, Singapore for instance. India and China more girls, because they kill them! They don’t carry on the family name, they aren’t as productive, they require a dowry at marriage. In recent news China has decided to stop killing the girls as they are growing alarmingly short of female population.

Flip-flop the justification. To hold true power women need to compete with men in the marketplace to achieve and advance, a mantra of the women’s revolution, and having children would impede us. It seems that material wealth and success have more value than character, integrity and duty. There’s a word you don’t hear very often, the D word. Maybe they should talk to Sarah Palin! No I am not advocating you vote for her, unless you want to.   : )

And then men who seduce and manipulate to get sex and leave responsibility for the consequences up to the women. I’ve often wondered what that would look like in reverse.

Influenced too perhaps by some in the churches who are milk toast about the killing of innocents, for fear of losing their tax exempt status. Even priests,( yes I dare to say the P word and I love priests), priests/pastors who have advised people to have abortions. You can close your mouth now and yep, you heard me right. Read on.

Every woman who “commits” abortion is different with a different set of circumstances. I am not justifying, just pointing out facts. They are not a faceless, soul-less mass of lower class uneducated humanity on crack and welfare. Pro-abortion atheists like to sing that song a lot. They are sometimes very young, fourteen, or twenty-something. They are housewives, professional women, and the working poor. All from different value systems and educational backgrounds. Some  have a faith practice, others don’t.

All the women I know who chose abortion were in a terrible emotional state at the time. Panicked. Feeling powerless, unsupported, fearful, and confused with swinging hormones exacerbating everything. None of them were calm, cool and collected, although maybe a few are. I never met one. Even those women who look and act “together” may be shut down to their feelings entirely for many reasons, it’s called “numbing”, which could include deep dysfunction in the family of origin, sexual abuse or other trauma. They may have extremely low self-esteem and feel powerless to make any other decision. In all fairness, the men involved could have the same type of problems.

Ever feel cornered or trapped? The women have said to me they felt crazy, or they were coerced, or had no support at all. Some struggle with depression, with mental illness or are specially- abled with no advocate. Women who are living below the poverty line, divorced/single mothers are especially vulnerable. Have you ever had to eat whatever they gave you from a food bank, or tried to support three kids making $8.00 per hour? Struggling just to survive will stress anybody out, especially if one is pregnant. Too, some have been told that it was just a bunch of cells or a blob of tissue. They don’t think it’s wrong because they don’t get that it’s really a baby! They weren’t taught and they weren’t told.

A woman I know was fourteen when her mother forced her to have a late-term abortion. I would tell you more, but cannot without permission. Trust me. It was the most horrific thing I have ever heard. I felt as much for her loss as I did for my own children when I finally faced the truth. This particular woman was in her 40’s before she began to talk and to heal. She survived because of God’s grace, is a functioning member of society, a good mother and has no addictions. You may wonder why I say that … the no addictions part. Because, to realize you have participated in the murder of your own children is that painful. Until a recovering post abortive woman reaches a level of healing, they may use drugs, alcohol, antidepressants, sex, or numerous other distractions to not feel their pain. People of course do this for other reasons and if you have watched the popular-of-late TV show on hoarding, they get into some of the causes and grief and loss are big ones. It takes a lot of energy and denial to block the truth. It takes more I think to deal with it honestly.  Truth that is hard to hear can cut like a knife. Then after the initial cut, your innards pour out on the floor and you carefully and methodically hose them down and put them back in. That’s what the process can feel like. No wonder there is so much fighting about and running from and rationalizing the truth of abortion which is, flat-out child killing and no one in their right mind wants to be to be identified as a murderer, especially of one’s own children.

Another woman I met, educated and capable, was extremely unstable when she made the decision to abort her child. Her marriage was falling apart, her husband cold and distant and subjecting her to mental and emotional abuse. She was breaking down. She became pregnant by a man she knew and went to for solace and advice about her marriage, who took advantage of her vulnerability. Begging her husband for years to have a baby because she yearned for a child and he constantly refusing and putting it off, she was now pregnant with someone not her husband. He said he would support her no matter what and offered marriage but she wanted her marriage to be healed. Completely distraught she went to a priest so he would” ..tell me I must keep the baby.” she said When she spoke about having an abortion, the priest was silent. He did not tell her not to do it. He said nothing. Just looked at her. She took that as it was okay and she would be forgiven. So, she did it. After the procedure she told her husband all and he walked out. Hysterically, she recounted her experience, tears blinding her and sobs shaking her to the bone. My heart broke for the lost baby, the lost marriage, the betrayal by the priest, the usury ( coughing here) friend. She is recovering very slowly, but it has taken many years of hard work. It is a miracle she remained in the church and that she can still talk to priests at all, and I thank God for that grace. That has been a solace for her. She is intelligent enough to know that all priests are not the same, even though she was quite innocent and naive she would admit, about people, men, life and herself when all of this took place. There is so much guilt and shame. Although she attended Project Rachel, a National group for women who need abortion healing, I am not allowed to discuss this with her in public even in whispers away from people, or anything about my pro-life work or past abortions or anything that would connect her to such. I may talk to her on the phone about mine but never bring up hers or she becomes angry. She feels people are judging her and judge all women negatively who admit to this. Some probably do. Please pray for my intentions and you will pray for her.

How many millions of post abortive women since 1973 have stepped out to speak? Not many. Only a few brave souls of the 55 million women, many with Silent No More, who risk the stigma of being seen as a bad person. If they only could and help themselves emerge from the weight of this pain and help other women to not make the same decision. How many live in shame and hidden away, trying to pretend it never happened and to live a “normal” life? Everyone heals in different ways, but helping others is one of the best ways.

I have shared all these emotions of post abortion in my own life. It’s like we created our own purgatory in a way. Sooner, or later, each woman will have to deal with the gravity of their decision, or it will deal with them. Abortion is always a mortal sin and an evil. However, these women must not be seen as hard hearted Hannah’s, because most of them were scared to death and not in a stable state of mind at the time.  Even if they were, they still deserve mercy. These are people, just people, God’s children who make mistakes. Sometimes tragic ones. Some measure of compassion and understanding is due them. They are going to need it. We all will, before we pass from this world.

Most reading this post would identify themselves as pro-life, and come from good solid Christian middle class backgrounds, and yet you are able to empathize. But some people can’t relate at all to the reality of these precious people. Precious in His sight.

“For we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God”

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!”

.Write a reply…

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Rooster In the City ( reprise )

To hear a rooster crow in the city is out of place. It doesn’t fit in the normal everyday background hustle and bustle. As urban dwellers we are immune to the buzz and drone of city life. But his sharp throaty cry causes our ears to prick up and  think, what was that? In the auditory landscape it unsettles, even grates because it just doesn’t blend. It can be a lonely, isolated noise,  strong and insistent.  Some don’t know the noble cockerel sometimes makes the same clucking noises as a hen as well, leading the other chickens to food.  He does what he was born to and natural for him, and can be heard from a long way off. In case people have fallen back asleep after turning off the alarm clock, his clear piercing call wakes them up again, and they are usually grateful.

Sometimes we need to be woken up again. We need someone to come along, clear the brush away and point to the  grass growing underneath. We need to be startled out of our routine of resting on our reliable laurels and gather our integrity back from where it spread out to make itself comfortable.

P.S. Parker


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All That Glitters Is Not Gold

John Adams said, ” The Constitution was designed for a moral and religious people – it will not work otherwise. That is the thesis.  Government­, academics and culture have to be fully aware that by promoting an agenda that runs counter to the thesis, they are destroying a nation.”
You all deserve a post after so long and I will give you one this weekend I commit. Tune in soon. ( I meant THIS weekend. )  Big grin. In the meantime enjoy reading these snippets.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

– Albert Einstein

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Freedom Ride Again

Last August before we left Birmingham in caravan on I-20 behind the Pro-Life Freedom Bus on the way to Atlanta, we were warned of trouble ahead. Fr. Frank Pavone’s people were told to expect a large unhappy group protesting our arrival at the Rev. Martin Luther Kings’ tomb. Park officials were not happy and asked us not to come. Fr. Frank said we were coming anyway. Traveling north, I explained to my videographer what to expect and what would not happen because we were peaceful, as he was new to pro-life activism. The atmosphere did seem more tense and troubled than in general, than Texas.

We were stunned as we arrived to see Dr. Alveda King being thrown off the site when she attempted to place a beautiful wreath at the tomb of her Uncle. The guard would not allow her to pass the security gate, but she tried anyway.  As we walked to a grassy area where the pro-abortion group stood loudly yelling slogans at us, we began to sing “We Shall Overcome.” At one point someone from the opposition grabbed Fr. Frank’s megaphone, but it was soon retrieved.

Our group of over a hundred people were forced off the square and across the street onto a small strip of a sidewalk alongside a nearby building. We went peacefully. No one became agitated, no one yelled back. The PL Freedom bus was not allowed to park. It circled ’round and ’round the square like a giant flag pausing sometimes by our group. Our treatment was  pitiable. Fr. Frank and the most eloquent black leaders I have ever heard in my life other than Dr. King, crowded together like sardines in the sweltering heat on a tiny cracked sidewalk against an old brick building. They spoke healing words of truth that rang out like a bell and cut like a sword! Their eloquence brought tears to my eyes, and made some bow their heads in reverence and prayer.

The pro-abortion group, mostly young black college educated women with a smattering of men, continuously shouted at us through a megaphone from across the street. They had a permit. We had a permit also, but not for that many of us. One good thing is, no one from their camp came to our side and they were so far away we were quite unaffected. They reminded me of myself in the 70’s. Smart, hip, and thinking something was trying to be taken from them. Little did they know that God was speaking in their other ear. They didn’t get they are advocating the death of their own people but I pray someday soon they will.

I also prayed silently that God would help us suffer well as we dripped water and soaked our clothes in the extreme August humidity, that everyone would remain cool inside. I could almost hear others praying the same. The love of this group of people was palpable as we stood together, united for a cause that all present knew and felt in our hearts was just as important as the civil rights movement long ago. If we didn’t know it before, we knew then. I was glad we suffered just a little taste, so we could reflect on how much worse it was in the 1960’s.  We were not spit on or beaten and our bus was not bombed. We weren’t dragged through the streets, the treatment many of our brave brothers and sisters endured back then.  Although we did not appear triumphant or powerful, but we knew we were in God’s eyes for doing His will against the norm, and there was much joy and peace in our hearts. I could see it on the faces around me.

A couple of years ago at a 4o Days For Life vigil, I stood across the street from some angry young atheists. I prayed against the dark demons who held the truth from them to release them and for the Holy Spirit of God to enlighten their minds. Soon after they left, someone in a white SUV drove by and lobbed a gallon of water at me. It landed a few inches from my feet barely wetting them, and skidded across the ground to where a woman was praying the rosary facing the clinic. Inside I said to the evil one , “Is that all you’ve got?” The woman began to cry and I comforted her. “I think the evil one was mad I were praying for those kids”, I told her. A few days before at another location, a friend of mine’s sign was ripped from him and torn into pieces. It was the same white SUV as the water lobbing incident but he wasn’t physically harmed. The sign was repaired and we went on as we always do and as we always will.

Tonight there was a television program about the students from Fisk University on the original Freedom Ride in May, 1961. They were warned they might be hurt or killed and heavily discouraged to go. The group leader told the official who warned them,Athe night before  each one of them made out their last will and testament. They all knew they could die in choosing to do this.  Like them we must embrace non-violence as Dr. King advocated, and like them we must stay the course.

We are not as brave today I think. Maybe we are not as convinced, but we need to be.  If all men are created equal and free with the same rights, then that being said, it must include the weak, helpless and children, all children, especially in the womb, because they have no voice and we must be a voice for the helpless and voiceless. It’s as plain as the nose your your face!  ( Another of Mom’s old sayings! )

If you saw a woman about to allow someone to murder her tiny baby in her arms, anyone with good sense would try to stop it. The only difference is that you can’t see it. Nevertheless, it is there and it is a baby.

Not long ago the country was divided on civil rights and is now divided on abortion. Hearts and thinking can be changed and have conformed to the truth when it kept being revealed.

Our God, we send up our prayers to ask for courage and strength to stand for this truth and to be shining examples of love so that people’s minds may be made clear and hearts softened. Give us as much courage as the brave souls who were willing to sacrifice themselves for the cause of freedom in the 1960’s. They stood against the status quo and we must as well, for all people. Enough is enough! It’s been too long and far too many dying!


P.S. Parker

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That, Was Interesting!

So, ask and you shall receive! After the last post with me asking for prayer to de-fund Planned parenthood, ( and we all have been praying for this of course) the Texas house did just that.  Yee-haw and I’m proud to be a Texan even if I’m a transplant! Hopefully and prayerfully this will begin to happen in more states very soon. The money will go to special needs children, and pregnancy centers I hope. Life affirming nevertheless. Thank you God for hearing and answering!

“The better angels of our nature. ” A piece from a speech of Abraham Lincoln. I thought, we must not lose hope. There are better angels of our nature, and hope springs eternal! That bit’s from Alexander Popa!

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The 14th Day

On the 14th Day of the Worldwide 40 Days For Life Shawn Carney posted this content in his daily email update; a REAL story from the ongoing vigil for life.

“You have twins. That will be another $350.” She did
not speak English. But she finally understood that
they were telling her to go get more money and return
for her abortion.

She had already given them her rent money. But they
were not about to give her a two-for-one deal. They
told her to get dressed and return with more cash.

A couple, who was praying outside, comforted her.
They brought her to their local pregnancy help center.
The staff ( “40 Days ” )  quickly saw that her personal circumstances were so desperate, and immediate, that they would need direct and ongoing help from local Christians and
churches. They started making calls.

Then they did the ultrasound. It showed there was only
one baby, not two. This abandoned, immigrant, powerless
mother was being exploited. She would do whatever she
was told. Who would know? Who would care? ”


WHEN will people understand and believe Planned parenthood makes most of it’s money on abortion and does NOT care about women! DE-FUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD! Let us use the over $350,000,000 in taxpayer money given to them by our government every year for life affirming and supporting assistance, not this! May God’s will be done! Pray fervently for this please.

P.S. Parker

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Cooking With Gas on All Four Burners!

In recent weeks the pro-life movement, boosted by a re-instated conservative and family values element on “The Hill”,  has been re-energized!  Conservative, meaning to conserve, as in values.

A successful, albeit disturbing sting operation exposing illegal and look-the-other way practices of Planned Parenthood in offering abortions to underage girls through a male pimp no less hit the mainstream media.

In Philadelphia, the FBI investigation of a certain murderous abortionist and his overseers, or lack thereof, revealed more horrific and unspeakable evidence for which he has since been arrested.

Add to the mix a best-selling hugely informative book “Unplanned” by Abby Johnson,  former director of a Planned Parenthood  and  now pro-life activist,  as well as many of our reps demanding the de-funding of Planned Parenthood ASAP.

All this has been a shot in the arm for our struggle for life. We haven’t had many. Icing on the cake was the passing of the Texas sonogram bill, requiring abortionists to provide all women a sonogram before an abortion.

The disinterested stance and bias of the Austin media is the experience most cities have when it comes to pro-life events, even though there are more than 450,000 Catholics  in the Austin Diocese, not to mention many thousands of Protestants and others who are whole life. A long time pro-life acquaintance who shall remain nameless calls Austin “Sodom on the Gomorrah”, although HE wouldn’t mind if I used his name.

Last week, prior to conducting our national “Vigil For Victims”on the sidewalk at the Burnet Road Planned Parenthood office and South Ben White Planned Parenthood, both here in Austin, I contacted all of local television stations with a proper press release. Not one station chose to cover it.  San Antonio Channel 4 news did.  H-m-m-m. Could that be because San Antonio is the most Catholic city is the U.S. ?? I have learned to follow-up with phone calls this time around and to be more persistent.

Eighteen people took their lunch break that day to stand on  that corner,  hold signs and hand out 100 flyers to passersby about the Lila Rose sex trafficking of underage girls sting, hot off the press. Some folks already knew about it, some didn’t and were shocked at the news. A few looked at me shaking their heads and suddenly I realized they thought we made it up. Lying. Wow! I am committed to telling the abject truth and being completely transparent without dramatizing anything, except emphasis to underscore the seriousness of an issue. To the best of my knowledge, no one Photoshops pictures or lies about what is going on in the battle against abortion and better support for pregnant women! We are mostly God believers,  and are accountable to a higher power which is why we do this to begin with! It’s not politics as usual, where lying has almost come to be expected, let me be clear.

Tomorrow is the first day of the Christian forty days of Lent and also the first day of the bi- annual “40 Days For Life”, a peaceful and prayerful vigil at abortion facilities in Austin, across the nation, and internationally.

Today, we as a movement are stronger, more outspoken and there is a powerful sense of momentum in the air. We know there will be setbacks, but we will never be put down. Social networking and new media have reinforced cohesiveness  and strengthened our communications. We will not stop and we will never give up or be silenced. We are peaceful and prayerful, but unafraid. We are harmless, that is true, but don’t be deceived, GOD IS NOT MOCKED! To those pro-choice  ( insert pro-death even if they don’t get that yet)  folks who may be reading this, welcome! However, one can pretend something evil is good, but it doesn’t make it so. We are praying for you too. Have you seen St. Michael and his terrible swift sword? This is the sword of truth and justice for the pre-born people, and others who cannot speak, who have no voice except for us. I challenge you to think. War is a terrible thing, yes, and it hurts people, but so does abortion.

It hurts the most innocent and beautiful part of creation.

During these 40 days of Lent we will pray and stand up for an end to the slaughter, a return to charity, chastity, to family values and personal responsibility. For men to ‘man up’ and women to be feminists for life, and both to reject selfishness!  I call on all people;  housewives, singles, students, priests, rabbis, even atheists and agnostics for life, which there are some although you may not have known it,  to show up!! Write letters, speak out, blog,  and contact your reps to Washington, stand and pray, encourage your pastors to stand and pray and to make yourselves visible! Prayer is key to those of us who have realized God’s love, and housebound elders can do this very well. Most everyone can do something, and everything we do counts! We all have jobs and many have children. No excuses. Make them a part. I have lots of friends who do and their children are learning the most powerful lesson they can ever learn, to care for others. With everyone on board and pulling their weight we will take begin to take the dark blight and curse of the legalized murder of innocents off our country and the world.

I make a personal and heartfelt plea to the thousands upon thousands of women and men who unfortunately have participated in abortion in the past, to stand up for what they know is right. Although it can be difficult in this society to be transparent about one’s mistakes,  I personally promise that your participation in whatever way you can will evoke special graces, big and small. Your life will be altered, and you will not be alone but will have the support of the pro-life community. Here I will also remind the PL community that these men and women will need your sensitivity, understanding and support. There is a lot of support for you and more love than I have ever seen, for you, for the babies, for the workers. You will feel it.

Lent reminds us and instructs us again, that in order to draw closer to God, we need to be selfless, drop the ego, and be willing to choose sacrifice in order to grow spiritually and stand for the truth. May our good God bless us all in our Lenten journey and may we be drawn up together, one spirit, closer to the Lord!


Funny how it all comes ’round. Counter- cultural in the 60’s and 70’s I was strongly against the war in Viet Nam. When I was seventeen I briefly joined SDS, ( Students For a Democratic Society)  in Denver and un-joined three days later when I saw they weren’t doing much. Or maybe that was God’s hand. Back in Chicago, I walked proudly and passionately in many peace marches against the Viet- Nam war with my left leaning theater company. A war which we never won and in which some of my friends died and some were damaged forever. (Let me point out that I never jeered or insulted any soldiers, nor did any of my friends, and I had utmost respect for them.) I have a vivid memory of marching to the Federal building where Phil Ochs was singing anti-war songs and being tear gassed for peacefully gathering to protest.  How ironic. Here I am, counter cultural again,  in an even more important war.  A war of prayer and peace and love in front of abortion facilities.

Join us! If you have an interest, please contact the Austin Coalition For Life. Just click the link on the right to go there. You may sign up and take the next sidewalk counselor training or come on out to stand and peacefully pray. Sidewalk counselor training supports speaking to women and men at the abortion facilities to lovingly assist them in making a better decision for themselves and their child by directing them to Pregnancy Resource Centers and other support. Come out and when you can. See what it is all about.

( Stay tuned for documentary updates and more posts, and keep the faith! )

P.S. Parker

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“If you are going to tell the truth, make them laugh or they will kill you.”

George Bernard Shaw

Yep, that’s about right! ( Me )

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