Pro-Life Freedom Ride, July 23rd and 24th

Hello dear pro-life /whole life friends of the unborn!  Happy Independence Day!

First, I thank our God above that we are still free and can speak and fight for the unborn, for women and for the truth! Who knows what next year may bring as far as speaking out freely, but today let freedom ring! I am free and I will speak!

I know some of you, others  I just met, and others will be my online friends.Thanks for reading my blog. I KNOW how important time is.  I feel like there is a locomotive behind me!

BIG NEWS!  Once again you have the ability to  promote our cause at a grass roots level. On July 21st, RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, I  am traveling to Birmingham,  Alabama to make a documentary of the Pro-Life Freedom Rides. This event is sponsored by Priests for Life. Present will be Father Frank Pavone, director of Priests For Life and Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, one of my heroes!

When I heard of this about 2 months ago, I was immediately and strongly convicted in my spirit to go, arranged my vacation for those dates, and began to circulate info concerning the Freedom Ride to all my email list and friends.

Initially I hoped we could gather a group, rent a bus and go together to represent Austin, Texas. I was unable to elicit much interest, even though this will be such a huge historic event! The organizers traveled to Florida, Illinois and other states to promote this but unfortunately didn’t make it to Texas. If they could have, I believe this would have produced stronger results from Texas. It is July, the kids are home, vacations ensue etc, but I am single and have a flexible schedule, so I will go and do my very best for all of us! Take a breath and Keep reading to get the details!


At first I planned to write about it, shoot black and white still photos and maybe black white on my Super 8, which I thought would look great for a take off of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Our wonderful God arranged that a still camera and lenses worth $650 ( as per Precision Camera ) for $130! This happened in 1 day, smooth as silk! I don’t know how all of you perceive God’s direction, but clearly I felt this was a thumbs up, and since then I have never wavered in my commitment!

I knew I wanted to take pictures and write about it. I didn’t know it was to be a documentary until God showed me His plan. At an event I was last minute invited to, He connected me to a professional videographer and journalist, who gave me a crash course, ( I didn’t know that was going to happen either ) and she was so excited and saw my concept and MORE right away. She would have taken this on, but is dealing with some health issues at the moment. Please keep her in prayer. She is mentoring me for this project!

So, this has turned into a major endeavor, and the budget for this is rising.  Half of this will be shot in Birmingham and Atlanta, and half later in Austin. In a short 17 days I must hire two videographers with cameras to assist me.  (There are lots of film makers in Austin). Even if they work for credits and resume copies I must pay their expenses and buy all the video film and supplies, hotel stays and food.  My car needs a tune-up and shocks, and I need more film for my still camera and Super 8. So hotel rooms and food and gas, you know, it all adds up to a bunch!  To help put the cost into perspective for you, it takes about 30 minutes of footage for every 1 minute of a finished documentary!

A friend suggested I put up this site for donations so that is what I am doing.  If God puts a burden on your heart to do so, please hit the Pay-Pal button which I will have up on here on Monday, and contribute to the cause. You are blessed and you will be blessed! If you don’t see it,

Hey, you can support the pro-life cause, art and artists ( and there needs to be more of that in this country. Read Pope John Paul II’s 1999 letter to artists.

I will keep you abreast of how everything is proceeding, step by step although it will be short, since I am pressed in the planning!

At  AAA I picked up my trip-tics and maps already! Yay!

When God wants something done it WILL be done.  His will be done!

For Jesus forever! Pro-Life forever

Bless you and thank you for your sacrifice! God will provide!
Please pray for this project!

Peace be with you

About Susan Parker

Holistic Health Advocate Writer ( P.S. Parker) Musician
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