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I knew I wanted to take pictures and write about the event, but I didn’t know it was to be a documentary until God showed me. He then got me last minute to a function I had not planned to attend, connected me to a professional videographer, who sent me to a friend, also a videographer and journalist. She saw a documentary. She would have liked to go with me, but is recovering from some health issues. However, she gave me a crash course for several hours one afternoon. ( I didn’t know that was going to happen either ) and she is mentoring me for this project! She is just awesome and I am so happy and blessed to know her.

So… this has turned into a major endeavor, and the budget is is rising. I still have to calculate that budget, (one of my assignments in the next day or two). Half of this will be shot in Birmingham and Atlanta, and half later in Austin. In a short 17 days I must hire preferably two videographers, or at least one, with cameras. I’m trying to find someone in Birmingham. Even if they work for credits and resume copies and no salary I must pay their expenses, buy all the video film and supplies, hotel stays and food. Also lots of film for my camera and Super 8. To help put the cost for all this into perspective, it takes 30 minutes of footage for every 1 minute of a finished documentary! The rest ends up on the cutting room floor.

A friend suggested I put up this site and tell people about what I am attempting with a link for for donations. If God puts a burden on your heart to do so, please hit the Pay-Pal link under sponsor at the top of the Home page at the bottom of the photo, and contribute. This film will be used to educate folks on the civil rights of unborn children and to promote awareness of this drastically wrong solution, which is NO solution, for an unwanted pregnancy. Hey, you can support art and artists ( and there needs to be more of that in this country. Read Pope John Paul II’s encyclical on artists ) and the Pro-Life cause in a big way!

At AAA I picked up my trip-tics and maps already! Yay!

I will keep you abreast of how everything is proceeding, step by step although it will be short, since I am pressed in the planning!

When God wants something done it WILL be done. His will be done!

For Jesus forever! Pro-Life forever
You are blessed and you will be blessed!
Thank you for your sacrifice! God will provide!

Please pray for this project!

About Susan Parker

Holistic Health Advocate Writer ( P.S. Parker) Musician
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