Getting a handle, 20 Days and Counting!

Good morning and God morning friends! Go to church! Thank God for everything starting with getting out of bed this a.m.! Pray for me as I pray for you please.

Finally getting a handle on this blogging business after some mild confusion. ( Big smile) Please forgive any repetition in earlier posts.

Things are moving along well in God’s timing.

Posted an ad for videographers on Craigslist and got a few bites, before I was flagged. Possibly someone who doesn’t like the fact I asked for “Christians, due to content.” That was after I spoke with a young man with a camera and when I told him about the event, he said he was an atheist and made some unflattering remarks about “crazy people” being at the Freedom Ride. I witnessed as best I could, encouraged him and said good-bye.

So, I thought it best to ask for a Christian camera person and GOOD NEWS! I have a line on one and will phone him today. He is very involved with his church he says, and his work which I viewed online is beautiful! Going to church to pray first and if you read this you pray too please, that he will agree if he is the right person. My gut feeling says he is and that, I think, is HS, the Holy Spirit.

More and more signs that I am supposed to do this and that is lifting me up. For example, yesterday at work I had a new client who’s relatives are all in Atlanta! Then I ran into her when I got off work at Mighty Fine, which is fortunately or unfortunately according to will power, next door to where I work. Her husband showed up and he is a camera operator! He put me on to the same camera rental guy my mentor recommended!! Just in case I needed to rent something.

A bunch of things like that have happened.

We serve an awesome God!

I made hotel reservations in Birmingham last night.

More later and have a blessed day!

Addendum: posted On 8/23/2010
The original was written on the above date but edited on other dates. It would have been 12 days to the Freedom Ride.

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Holistic Health Advocate Writer ( P.S. Parker) Musician
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