As It Is So Far

Good day to all of you!

Just a very quick update as I have a million and one things to do.

Met with the videographer and he has a partner who works with him. He also has editing equipment which is a boon. I discussed the project and he said he was on board. He is professional and structured and attends a Catholic church in the area and is pro-life. He had agreed to take this on. Perfectly understandable, because I can barely afford the gas.

I explained about what it would all look like, and especially standing and praying in front of the abortuary which is where we will be on the second day in the morning. I explained we will be peaceful and prayerful but the opposition may not be, to give him the heads up, just in case. We are having a meeting this afternoon with my mentor Kelly to discuss more details.

Much thanks to Mary Bertha and to Teresa for their heartfelt donations to this endeavor, and for Teresa’s tech support.

Yesterday I bought 12 boxes of Super 8 film at CO-OP for my Super Eight to the tune of 130.00! Film and processing are expensive. Gotta locate a battery. I will be shooting Super 8 film and black and white photos and maybe some color too.
Finally found a guy to show me how to load it!

About Susan Parker

Holistic Health Advocate Writer ( P.S. Parker) Musician
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