Good evening. I hope all is well with all of you.

Thanks to those who have contributed to this cause. No one has contributed funds from this site yet. Even after I return this will stay up because it will take a long time to make this. Possibly a year. It will cost a lot in many many editing hours, AND we will have to shoot much more in Austin when we get back. We are looking at at least a year, more than likely. Unless of course God does one of his MIRACLES, and it is finished sooner which is what I will pray for.

I have lots to do so this is brief tonight. I am in the midst of thinking of a name for my production company and for the documentary itself which we must have soon as we leave in four days. I get a little nervous now and then, but then I remember God is in control. Then I must write itinerary for the camera man and lots of interview questions. We must have Press credentials which Frederick will take care of he says. And then the legal documents, releases and such. I am still trying to discover if my Super 8’s automatic lens is working and have to rig a battery with 2 new ones. The original is mercury and they don’t make them any more.
Okay, okay, brief for me! ( Big smile)

Please keep me in prayer. God bless!!

About Susan Parker

Holistic Health Advocate Writer ( P.S. Parker) Musician
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