Prayer and God’s Will

I always heard that what God wanted to get done gets done, but I believe HE is always looking for people to listen and cooperate. In fact I know it.

This experience has been proof positive for me.

The second thing is prayer. I have been praying and have so many other people praying for me and for this venture and the Pro Life Freedom Ride. Prayer is heard by God and yes! We can ask for things if they are within His will! Thank him and then ask him! And then don’t get in the way!! Cooperate.

Ready for another sign? They are coming right and left. I stopped at Mickey D’s today for a quick breakfast on the way to work, and a old neighbor from years ago came up and spoke to me. He is African American. I told him what I was doing because he asked and he said he was from Birmingham, all his folks were there and he was going there in two weeks!!

My good friend Teresa dropped off a donation from her and her sister at the front desk where I work. When I was saying good-bye to co-workers I opened the card, read, and began to cry. They comforted me but I told them I was crying from gratefulness. We all hugged and it was quite lovely.

Found a battery substitute on the internet for the Super 8 and will obtain them tomorrow. Need to test the auto exposure some how.

Bought more quality film for the Canon at Precision Camera, and witnessed about how great God is and what I was doing. Everyone there was so excited and helpful, even people in line, and I met another editor who gave me her card. One young man gave me valuable information on some film, and one young woman baptized Catholic she said, talked about how prayer helped her get a job and a place to live when she was sleeping in her car at a parking garage.

They all wanted to know the title of what we are doing and I promised to let them know when I knew!

I don’t know how to explain this and still sound in any way humble, but it seems like everything around me is golden right now, and people are being affected and attracted. It has to be the Holy Spirit.

Lord, thank you for everything, for food, a bed, work, friends, our crosses. Keep us in your grace and help us to live in your holy will. Give us strength to bear up against the hard things until we go home to you.


About Susan Parker

Holistic Health Advocate Writer ( P.S. Parker) Musician
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