Millions of Secrets

Today I want to say thanks for all the prayers and encouragement you are all giving me. I feel them, and am surrounded by them. Right back at you all! I appreciate you so very much!

Please especially keep my dearest friend Teresa’s father and their family in prayer. He is in the hospital and recovering from some serious procedures.

Today there were two phone calls I had to take which cut time for writing time. One of those from someone I hadn’t heard from in a month. I told her about what I was doing and then I thought it best to tell her that I was a post abortive woman, as it was all going to come out, possibly on the national news very soon! She then revealed to me that she also had an abortion. We discovered neither of us wanted our mothers to know and we didn’t tell them. We did not want to hurt them and knew how they felt. They, were both right. I was not so shocked about this. It has been a secret for many women. I wonder how many out of 55,000,000? It cannot remain a shameful secret if we are to bring people to the truth, and to make a change.The lives of innocent children are at stake, and their mothers and fathers.

Talked to several folks about the Title for the video. Need to be sure by tomorrow a.m. Have to register the name and Production Company name. I think I have both names.

I have to write here at night. I am like a pressure cooker building steam, and this is a way for me to release it. Do do a reality check with myself and to put things to rest in my head.

Good night all!
May the Holy angels watch over you.

About Susan Parker

Holistic Health Advocate Writer ( P.S. Parker) Musician
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