A Revolution in Peaceful Resistance and Protest

Priests For Life Fr.Frank Pavone at EWTN chapel talks about the Pro-Life Freedom Ride taking place the following day, Saturday, July 24, 2010. ( Scroll halfway through to hear.)


Confronting injustice is tough. It was tough during the civil rights movement and is today, in the fight for the the civil rights of pre-born children. But a power greater than the law is with us and will always be with us telling us to FEAR NOT! God’s law is the higher law!

Fifty years ago state law said blacks and whites were separate but equal. Black people were only allowed to ride in the back local buses, (to get to work for local white people), until they protested by sitting in front and refusing to move. They were thrown off, beaten and abused. National law said separate but equal didn’t apply to interstate travel. For five years this law was ignored. Finally 13 people fought to uphold the interstate law in the FREEDOM RIDES!

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