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Last night while resting after work before driving to the last free Pro-Life film in the park sponsored by 40 Days For Life, I prayed. I told our great God I knew nothing was too much for Him to accomplish, as that had been proven in my life and strongly in recent days. I prayed for a miracle camera to shoot some video at the park to maybe add to our B-roll., that means background for a documentary, and this is what happened next.

A friend whom I had lost touch with months ago and whose baby is due in 5 weeks, phoned me out of the blue, thought I was someone else named Rebecca, said she was living close by and needed to get out. I told her about the movie and she wanted to go. Then I just threw it out there on a long shot, because I had just prayed! You wouldn’t happen to have a professional video camera would you? I have one lying on the table right beside me but no battery she said. I laughed out loud, got the battery serial number, thanked God, called Frye’s, had the battery at the front checkout waiting, drove 2 miles to pick her up, no dinner, but guess what, yes, she brought sandwiches, stopped at Frye’s to get the battery and made it to the park when it was still light! It is was just a Sony Handy Cam, but it might provide some shots for us anyway. It just felt great that God arranged that whole thing even so!! Make no mistake friends, we serve an awesome God!

I had seen Bella and it was good and I was so glad everyone got to see it. It is a very romantic movie and life is sometimes more raw, but the love was palpable and love is what we all need more of!! I always thought the ending was too abrupt. Maybe they ran out of $. I would have liked to see the little girl grow up a bit and the evolution of that. That’s the creative part of me.

When I had gone to the car for something an angry woman asked who we were and I told her. She said she didn’t know why we would be allowed to do this in a tax payer funded park. I calmly said that we paid taxes too. It just popped out. She gave me a piece of her mind and I listened and remained calm. If she hadn’t walked off I would have given her my testimony. I found out from Elizabeth that 40 Days For Life paid 60.00 to use the park.

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