More Trip Notes

Tonight I was thinking about all the times God helped us along in a strange city with no support. Here’s one.

When we were leaving Atlanta I said to Fredrick, “We forgot to eat soul food!” That was one of the things we both wanted to do. So we prayed to find a place, and got off at the next exit. We drove around to a b-b-que restaurant and saw a woman in a truck pull up. Fred suggested we ask her. She told us how to get to a place about a mile back from where we came. Folks, I kid you not, the restaurant was called “Soul Food” and we have pictures to prove it! The man was about to close but kindly agreed to serve us. I was impressed with the Christian signs all over the walls, saying things like, “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” The best fried okra I ever ate too! The girls who served us were from a summer work program and the owner helped teens in this way. He was a good man and chatted with us warmly. We were on a tight budget so this was a treat!

The reactions we got when people saw the cameras were varied. Some folks wanted to know what we were doing. Some avoided us. A few started hamming it up, especially a young woman at an IHOP who began to sing.The power of media revealed!

We noticed that folks were allowed to sit down in the front of the IHOP waiting area when they weren’t working. That would never happen in Austin. We also noticed many sat outside of their businesses. I thought this must hearken back to warm and slow southern days gone by. We did notice that people took more time and talked slower, and it was so refreshing. Birmingham reminded me of Austin in the early 1980’s, only friendlier.

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