Pray For Those Who Hate You and Speak Against You

Two short and very sweet older ladies from the East Coast who were smitten with Fredrick, gave us a St. Therese mini-rosary. They made him promise to show me how to use it which he did. I used it for the first time today. You say a bead when you do something good or kind. You also say one when you ‘miss the mark’. Keeps us mindful of our challenges to model after Christ.

Yesterday I looked at all the video on the Priests For Life site about the Freedom Ride and saw a feminist at the MLK Memorial in Atlanta actually snatch the megaphone out of the hands Fr. Frank Pavone! I didn’t see it happen, but remember hearing a man call out to give it back, that it was ours.

Of course the Huffington Post chose an articulate educated feminist to speak for the Pro-death camp and the regular Joe who spoke for us used simple language and was probably sun stroked. We certainly were after awhile! Oh well, WEIN. That doesn’t mean I am whining about it but is my acronym for WHAT ELSE IS NEW? That is the way it goes with the media and Pro-Lifers most of the time.

I picked up the 35 MM DVDs from Precision and I did get some great photos, and some were not so hot. The Super 8 will have to be shipped off to sunny Cal, ( bet not as sunny as us I think), and that will take awhile. Still don’t know it it worked but will soon find out.

Going to see Fr. John Corapi this weekend God willing. It will be a great refreshment for my spirit, for all of us who have the priviledge. Don’t forget, he is on Relevant Radio every day as well at 970 a.m. or on the internet. Happy listening! Pat Ryan, an announcer with RR has such a fabulous voice! I get happy whenever I hear him!

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Holistic Health Advocate Writer ( P.S. Parker) Musician
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