In Retrospect

Reflecting on how many things I learned, I would next time do things a little differently. I wouldn’t have spent so much money staying at the Sheraton. Did that because in my mind I was thinking we could get an interview or two in the lobby as most of the PFL staff were staying there. Also the BJCCC was right across the street and all the places we needed to get to were about a mile away in the historical district. Also I didn’t know Birmingham and when I searched for less expensive hotels I saw reviews that advised against staying in certain sections of town due to theft and I was concerned about the cameras. I never saw anyone in the lobby unfortunately, although the place was jam – packed with families on vacation.

Since then I have discovered most documentarians stay in their cars, or on lawn chairs in fields and such!! My bones are a bit too old for that, but like Fredrick said, the Best Western is just as good. He was right too, so next time…

They had a great pool and hot tub but I was too tired to go down when we got in late every night after being in extreme heat all day. Too dangerous. Thought I might fall asleep in one or the other and they would find me still there in the morning floating, having fallen asleep and drowned!

The other challenging thing is trying to pin down the interview to a specific time and place. TRY being the operative word here. It’s not always possible so it’s ‘off the cuff’ sometimes. I am not going to stay away from cliches like I learned in writing class if it suits my purpose!! So there!

Lots more of course for next time. Many more chances to prove more efficient in future as this project goes forward.

About Susan Parker

Holistic Health Advocate Writer ( P.S. Parker) Musician
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