Miracle On Northcross Drive

After talking to film geeks in sunny California, ( we are way sunnier than them these days!), I learned how to be sure the old Bell and Howell I bought at a yard sale for a dollar was advancing the film, that one couldn’t double expose it after all, and was happy to finally know it was, so I could mail the film shot in Birmingham and Atlanta off at last! Most people these days use digital and both my cameras are film. So if I ask a question about Super 8, I usually get blank stares and “I dunno’s” concerning these cool and classic marvels.

So, write down the address to send it to on a scrap of paper, tuck in purse along with the film in it’s box, grab other things to mail, stuff everything in bag, take off to the North Cross Station post office. Done!

Not one a soul was in line when I got there which I have never seen and Cheryl was manning the counter single handed which I’ve often seen. Chatting with her about her cold, I grabbed a couple of padded envelopes, one for the return, stepped up and began hauling out letters, film cartridge and searching for the paper with the address. Guessing? Correct. Couldn’t find it. Somewhere between home and there it vanished.

More anxious and flustered by the minute, and frustrated at the thought of having to put this off one more day, I started praying. I kept digging in the recesses of my bag without results, and dutifully moved over to let the next person go ahead. After mumbling into my purse about losing things all the time, ( remember my camera in Birmingham?), I overcame my inhibition about praying out loud in public and said, “Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, look around look around, something is lost and cannot be found.”

Still searching, a minute or so passed and a voice came from behind. “Is that Super 8 film?” I turned around in surprise to see who could possibly know that. The next person in the que, a friendly young man said he used it too and asked where I sent mine. “Spectra” I said back. He replied “I use them too.” Then, having learned how God works and surrendering to the next step like I have gratefully been learning to do lately I asked, ” Do you have the address?” He began searching his I-Phone, quickly found it, read it out to me while I hurriedly scrawled it on the envelope. I handed it over to Cheryl who looked surprised. I was looking more delighted by the second. I unabashedly threw my arms up to heaven thanking God and Saint Anthony, practically jumping up and down with child-like enthusiasm, and really didn’t care what people thought!

I paid and collecting my things, said that I would pray when Cheryl asked me. Briefly explaining this happened because God’s hand was in it, without going into details as I didn’t want to take more time in the line. I don’t know how many people saw this and clearly understood, but I know Cheryl did, and she is a witness.

I believe someone, maybe several there that day needed to see a miracle.

I am many times bumbling and forgetful and God looks after me, and this is affirmed over and over again. I am trusting in Him more and more, and He is worthy of that trust. Sometimes He doesn’t bail me out so I may learn humility or something else. But He is always faithful. And truly, He, Our God is no respecter of persons. All that means is what He does for me He will do for you!

Faith.The more you are able to trust Him, the more He shows up, has been my experience. Scripture says we are to pray unceasingly and to acknowledge Him in all things. I have had to do that a lot this year. The agony of my mother’s passing, then my last and favorite Aunt five months later, and estrangement from another family member at the same time caused great pain. I only survived by falling on God’s mercy and care, as for a time I could hardly care for myself.

St. Anthony’s power to answer prayer comes from God, and in the same way, all the Saints. His light shines through them and without Him there is no light and no answered prayer.

I got the Super 8 guy’s email for future discussions about it. H-m-m. Now where did I put that?

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Holistic Health Advocate Writer ( P.S. Parker) Musician
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