Threshing it Out

(This is the 30th post. To get all the info, read all pages and posts starting with the first and read backwards.)

Last week was about getting perspective on the next steps and where to go from here with the documentary. About discussing near future events requiring the camera and a good audio person. It was also about being given folks to contact concerning support. Thank God for good and loving Catholic friends who are generous with smart advice.

Unfortunately I have not been able to write much, and this week I’m taking time off to attend to some personal matters I had placed on the back burner, which are boiling over by now! Taking care of me a bit, although I smashed my toe tonight when a jar dropped on it and cried like a baby! That’s the way to take care of yourself!! I was able to offer it up though, and it does not appear to be broken. Wonder if management will let me wear flip flops to work… ?

Next week will be about research and lots of it. I would tell you more but this is public domain and plans and concepts can be, ahem, borrowed shall we say?

Gearing up for October, the month that everything seems to be happening. Going to zoom in and out of several different pro-life locations and events, including 40 Days For Life here in Austin. By the way, if you haven’t signed up to stand- and- pray, or to take sidewalk counseling, I suggest you do so post haste! It will bless you and your family. Just do it! Remember what Fr. Corapi said!

Next week I’ll be immersed in outlining, structuring, prioritizing, write proposals and more talks with my mentor, a few boring bits but important, business cards etc., calling folks who have successfully done this before and I-can’t- wait- ’till- my- friend- gets- back- from- Colorado- with- my- new- computer- system- because -this- keyboard- is- driving- me- nuts- with- the- sticking- keys- etc! It will cut typing time in half.

God bless all of you,

About Susan Parker

Holistic Health Advocate Writer ( P.S. Parker) Musician
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