Tonight I watched a program about people doing what they love and are compelled to do, and not necessarily for money. They wrote songs and sang in the park for tips, made unique dolls, made dog clothes, made organic cheese, etc. They were happy. Some of them had done other things most of their lives.

All of them said, do what you are compelled to do, what you have a vision for, and what you need will come to you. Don’t look for people’s approval, but go forward. Be open to getting others involved, keep your focus and it will all come together. The old adage, believe in yourself, even if no one else does. An inspiring piece that left me thinking television really can be a powerful tool for good. So uplifting to see people who had no idea how to do these things, ( kind of like me at the beginning ), starting off very simply or with a bang! They learned as they went, some learned the hard way but none gave up. Sometimes if they studied the subject nearly to death, they discovered they learned best by doing and experimenting. These projects/businesses bloomed into success. The more important part in my estimation is there are all kinds of definitions for success. Even though some of them earned just enough money for a meager survival, they loved what they did, knew they were doing what they were supposed to, and were contented with their lives.

All this is old stuff I had heard many times, we have, but I needed a fresh hearing. A fresh look too.

Food for thought. We need food for thought.

Thanks God for knowing what we need and right on time!

About Susan Parker

Holistic Health Advocate Writer ( P.S. Parker) Musician
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