Mission, Purpose and Clarity

Let me be perfectly clear. I am not being used by the pro-life movement. I am not being controlled or paid by any group, priest, or individual. Neither am I motivated by guilt or fear. I am in full control of my faculties. Everything I have done so far or undertaken, is purely and one hundred per cent my own decision. It is not a cause I suddenly decided to take up one day because I was bored, or that my life felt so meaningless that I needed to attach myself to something to pump me up. I have way too many God given talents for that, and an extremely rich spiritual and inner life. Rather, I pointedly asked my God to take the rest of my life and use me for His purpose. “First Right” and all that has happened has been the direct result of that asking. If you don’t believe me then take it up with the Almighty.

When people say be careful what you ask for, really do be careful and clear that you are willing to go in the direction you are pointed, especially if it is from the creator!! There will be road blocks and potholes and the evil one will see to that. If you think I am bold to say this, that I am assuming I know this is true, yes I am, and yes I do!

I will not be dissuaded although there are people, even among my own friends who are trying to do just that. These “friends” are questioning my motives. Some have backed off giving me support. They are sitting on the sidelines observing with mild interest to see if I will ‘stay the course’

A few have tried to overrule my ideas and decision making and attempted to force their opinions on me. I can’t say I didn’t know this wasn’t going to happen. I was just didn’t think it would happen so soon.

I know who is behind all this and why and place the blame squarely where it belongs. In the name of Jesus I rebuke you Satan! I am not defeated.

Thanks to the grace of God I have a clear window into the spiritual and how it operates in the natural. And though I am alone and often wish I had someone to protect me, I am not and never alone, for my God makes a path before me and lights my way.

To God be the Glory forever and ever!

About Susan Parker

Holistic Health Advocate Writer ( P.S. Parker) Musician
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