Out There

Yesterday I received a beautiful Christmas card in the mail of a snow covered street complete with decorated Christmas trees that had “Angel Wing Productions” in lights all across the top. It made me smile and even though I knew it was just advertising, I felt HS twinkle at me. I thought, wow this is real, this is really happening and I am really doing this. I am so much like a child sometimes.

I survived being car-less for a week, due to a broken timing belt cover having to be ordered from Detroit! Begging rides and taking taxis, I couldn’t help noticing how few of my Christian and Catholic friends asked if I needed a ride to work or to the store. By God’s grace this caused me to be humbled and to realize the need for humility which I do not own enough of, and placed squarely in me a deeper desire to be more charitable to others. Pray that I might.That’s our gracious God for you!

I wrote two letters that needed to be written for a long time, and survived two attacks of the evil one, the one yesterday extremely demonic in nature. This only strengthens my resolve. If things like this are happening, then God must have a plan to use me in some small way to demonstrate His power.

These last two weeks have been about refocusing, researching the next steps for “First Right”, the documentary. Posting ads for more crew members, connecting with event organizers at pro-life events I have been invited to, researching grants, contacting Christian Film Festivals and following up with every link and possible lead I can. There are more assignments for next week of course.

I had a meeting with a pro-life leader in the community, swapped notes, obtained permission for a future interview, and got some great feedback about our new Bishop from two different individuals. I feel very hopeful after hearing this.

My house is still neglected. However I did procure a phone number for a reasonably priced maid service from one of my clients, ( or household technician if you want to be politically correct!) Thank goodness.

Please, keep “First Right” and my intentions in your prayers. Praying for all of you!

God bless! May angels surround you when you sleep. (\o/)

About Susan Parker

Holistic Health Advocate Writer ( P.S. Parker) Musician
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