In the Process

Thanks to Dave Di Carlo I found out that Sam’s processes Super 8 for $20.00 for up to 150 feet instead of the $80.00 plus shipping I would have to fork out sending it to LA for transfer to DVD. The processing was already $26.00. Film is WAY more expensive though. Buying  a magnifying glass, ( or stopping at a Jeweler)  tomorrow to look more closely at it. It’s so small I can’t see it even with reading glasses. David and Jacci you are the best, thanks for all the info and all you do. You’re funny too. You keep my funny bone working! Hey, that sounds like a fast blues song!  I digress.

Tomorrow we all stand in line at the medical board meeting to attempt entry and speak against tax payer funded abortions. I plan to speak for 3 minutes if they let me. I’ll try to film it although it’s late to call someone in.

Got a grant application today. They require two other grant apps before  consideration. Lots of work to do.

On a lighter note, two good friends from Michigan who now winter in Tuscon, stopped by on their way back from visiting in Alabama.  And why does THAT drive sound familiar? They went through all the podunk farmer towns too, and saw real cowboys at breakfast they said. I told her real cowboys eat in the bunkhouse or off the chuckwagon or over a campfire. They had cowboy hats so they were cowboys. They mighta’ been.

Their ninety year old Mom was with them. She looked younger, and was in good spirits. Got around on her walker well for someone who has broken her hip, and a few other places. She said it’s all about excercise. Wore purple. said was her favorite color. We ate at a great mexican restaurant in Round Rock,  and took a few pictures.  I showed them our beautiful St. Williams, and then they mosied down to old San Antone to visit one of her cousins.

I’ll see them when I visit there  or they come back around next year. It perked me up. I did quite a lot today and once again realized I’m an extrovert and get energy from interacting with other folks.

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Holistic Health Advocate Writer ( P.S. Parker) Musician
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