High Hopes and Apple Pie

Happily, my mentor for informed me she has equipment to transfer the 8 mm so I won’t have that expense. When she returns from Georgia we will get to that bit. Blessings again! I am so grateful.

A discussion with my spiritual adviser produced an ok on a  Pro-Life concert I would like to arrange. He thinks it’s a good idea and we are mulling over the how to’s. Catholics have spiritual advisers and that is what they do. I am grateful to have a good one in a wonderful priest. It helps one be accountable and to have someone to ask the hard questions of.

Just now I hear a very old song in my head from young childhood called High Hopes. It goes, ” ‘Cause he’s got hi-e-i hopes! He’s got hi-e-i hopes! He’s got high in the sky, apple pi-e-i  hopes!” What apple pie has to do with it I don’t know, unless it goes along with Mom etc., you know that old saying? Maybe not because I haven’t heard it in a long time. Language is constantly changing. Anyway, it’s a happy, catchy little number! I do have high hopes, and have recently noticed that everyone wants a piece of the pie. Some want a bigger slice than others!

This week is 40 Days For Life and suddenly the one thing at a time I have been trying to implement, was upon me. I had no one to shoot the kick- off and realized it was a day away. Last minute the night before and realizing it was a long shot, I phoned and emailed someone I worked with previously, and posted on Craigslist, offering a small fee. An extremely angry person sent a vile email to me ranting about the cost of equipment, and about how cheap I was. ( mildly put). In my reply I referred him to psychotherapy for anger management, explained I didn’t have a budget and it was for a non-profit, good cause and this was all out of pocket… my own, and said I’d pray for him. He wrote back a slightly calmer note, still angry and guilting me and said he was going to flag me. Later in the day I sent a last email to him which read, there were better things he could spend his energy on, and I had already engaged three videopgraphers for that evening! Last, I blessed him in his day.

This all happened when I returned from mass where i specifically went to talk with God about the need and offer up mass and communion. I gave it over to my Father in heaven. I talked to Him about this project which was His. He began it and I reminded him of all the miracles He had already done. I told Him if He wanted the kick off taping to be a part of “First Right” I was a willing participant, and if not I would totally accept and surrender.

When I arrived home there were 4 emails of interest! After contacting them I had engaged three people to help!! To make this more real for you this was at about 1:30 p.m. and the event was at 7 p.m!! I tell you I was physically trembling at the manifestation of His power when it finally absorbed I had a full crew. Thanks be to God for He is able!! Able and He does miracles! Oh, almost forgot. I listed the wrong date, the 22nd, and still my need was met. And another thing. Ready for this? Due to unforseen circumstances, 40 Days had no lights, or video which they had planned to shoot. Our lights illumined the stage for the speakers and gave the crowd of 300 some coverage. Also the director requested to use some of our video for their web site next week. Not only was my problem solved but there’s was too! A double miracle! The third one was I, (and I’m sure many others ) prayed for no rain and it had been raining heavily in that area earlier. It was overcast but no rain! Ta-da! To God be the Glory!

One of the camera technicians has a new little baby. He said this really hit home for him. He said he had been praying a lot lately and had been talking to God about a lot of things. I believe he felt this was something he was supposed to do. This is not the first time the videographer has been  affected in this way.

If the videographers are being touched like this,  the reality of how powerful it is for us to be out there hits home. We must step up and step out more and more, standing and praying, and some of us speaking with women who are about to enter to have their child killed, speaking the truth  to them, loving them, and praying for everyone concerned. By participating, we all give our testimony.

Dearest Lord, help us to realize that this is your will and desire, and to keep a strong faith that no matter what messes we find ourselves in, if you are for us, no one can come against us.

About Susan Parker

Holistic Health Advocate Writer ( P.S. Parker) Musician
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