Night Writing and Counting Blessings

Lots of folks, including me write better in the wee hours, not speaking of typos however. Less distractions I guess. After a few hours rest, the mind tends to clear and settle like dust after a storm and the too many things we are juggling become more ordered and organized, nerves are less jangled and responsibilities seem less intrusive. The typos seem worse however. I usually like what I have written but have a bunch of correcting and rearranging the next day, or days. I always edit more later,  and that is usually why.

Fred and I looked at the video from the 40 Days For Life Kick Off Rally. I was shocked at the difference in photo quality between his camera and the other guys.  I asked him to give me the heads up when the camera is not- so- hot when we are on site and he notices. Had I known I would have had Fred shoot the speakers as a backup. “I didn’t want to upset you”, said he. “What a learning process this is”, said I. Next time I’ll check on the camera quality on this learn-as you-go journey I’m on.

Tomorrow we’ll upload some of the video onto the ACFL web-site. I hope to view the 8 mm tomorrow as well so I can send off the rest of it or buy another used 8 mm on Ebay. As soon as I find the right music we’ll construct a trailer on here. Can’t wait! That will be much more exciting. Still continuing to contact people and look for grants and that is ongoing. The work list grows as October approaches.

H-m-m, wonder if we can combine shooting an event with Octoberfest and have a beer, a brat and a polka?? Can I polka? I used to be able to when I lived in Chicago and attended Polish weddings!

Today in Fr.’s homily, ( sermon for Protestants) , he related a meeting with a young man nineteen in confession, and whom he spoke with after. The boy lost his parents and sister in a car accident. He was ragged and dirty and homeless living out of a backpack. He didn’t want anything and had to be forced to accept money and food. The young man appreciated talking with Fr. and said it was the most human contact he had in a very long time. Fr. said he felt as though he was looking into the face of Christ. He reminded us to do random acts of kindness, like the bumper sticker says.  A great quiet fell over the congregation as he recounted this meeting. That’s good, I thought. People are really listening. We need to be reminded often, how very blessed we are. “Don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s all small stuff.”, a friend of mine used to frequently say. Mostly it is. I am counting my blessings today one by one.

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Please pray for us and donate if you can.

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