Plain Or Sugar Coated?

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Listening closely I hear a yearning in my heart like a pure strong vibrating hum that never stops. Sometimes it surges forward and out and spins all around me expanding as it travels out into the world.  The making of “First Right” is out of that yearning, for truth, justice and charity for all people. It is for my babies. It is for the army of babies in heaven lost to abortion, and to attempt to stop others from ending up the same. Maybe they are the army, the hosts God will bring back from heaven to fight the final battle of Armageddon. My Mom used to wonder at that possibility.

Abortion, a particular murder, is a hard thing to talk about, but we must. Not only talk, take action. Peaceful, prayerful, non- violent action. Like Jesus did. Powered by God, not by ourselves. The documentary I am in the process of making is also for the women and men who have suffered and are suffering from the agony of realizing what they have done by aborting their children. And for those in denial who have not yet ‘hit the wall.’

Mahatma Ghandi was one of my heroes. He was such a small but such strong and powerful man. Even though he was a learned lawyer, the most powerful thing he ever did was to fast He sacrificed his health with a 40 day fast, never regaining his health. When he saw his people being exploited and abused he gave his life for the poor of his country.

Martin Luther King, my hero and the father of equality for people of color laid down his life as well. He knew he would die in the end because of the hatred. Mother Teresa gave her life away to those who needed it most. Oh God in heaven how blessed we were to have such a mother on this earth, let it be known! I only pray that I may have someone as loving as she was to hold me when I am in the throes of death as she did for so many forgotten souls scooped up from the streets of India.

Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce , whom many of you may not be familiar with, was a Native American, a Catholic and a beautiful orator for peace who went to Washington many times seeking it. He was eventually chased down and killed. All were saints and prophets, and they struggled and fought for human dignity in life and in death. They carried their crosses well.

There is no dignity in the destruction of human babies who have no one to speak for them and cry out for justice. Or old or sick people who are often seen as irrelevant, being doped to death by doctors, hospitals and hospice because it is more expensive and more problematic to keep them alive. A nurse told me hospitals are afraid to not give pain medication when it is requested and they are being told to give it even if it endangers the patient. The premise is so the patient won’t sue the hospital for not managing their pain. They can’t very well sue if they are dead can they?

Tonight I was reflecting on dear Pope John Paul ll with his huge loving heart who went to the man in prison who shot him, to let him know he was forgiven and to encourage him. Our sacred Lord is like that. We wound him over and over and yet he is always there with open arms.

Someone I know recently said she thought that children being killed and sickened by vaccines was more important than the abortion issue. I agree that vaccines harm people. They have been tested on impoverished nations and have killed precious children of God and have damaged many children in general. There is no comparing potentially poisonous vaccines however, to innocents being torn limb from limb in the presumed safety of the miraculous womb. How slick and slippery the evil one is in diverting attention from this awful crime

Another said that there was a population explosion and we need to control it. I said statistics could be manipulated and it depends on where you read them and I read in a respected independent study we were not even replacing ourselves. Even if we weren’t there is no justification for killing children. Our humanity is being eroded and degraded. She is the same one who accused me of being a racist because I didn’t vote for Barack Obama.

She of all people knew better and she has known me for many years, but just had to say it. It’s so disheartening. It was then I revealed my vote for Alan Keyes in the primary. I knew he could not win the election, but I HAD to take a stand. I have been told by black Americans that he is an Uncle Tom and that’s why people don’t like him. He’s brave and brilliant and ahead of his time by eons.  Someone who is not afraid to stand up for the truth, who loves God and defends the innocent. His eyes are open, he is not asleep or deluded. He reminds me of Fredrick Douglas, another great person of history.

God bless her, them, anyway.

Being a Christian is hard and I have lost many friends. Being an activist for the unborn has added another dimension. Some family members think I have gone off the deep end and I was forced to delete one from a social networking page because he openly said so. I love them and want to be connected to them, but if get too close I know they will pounce on me like my cats would a bird! They will pull out every rationalism and humanism argument under the sun, once I am cornered.  Some think they are going to gang up on me. I can feel it. They are discussing me and my position amongst themselves and making a plan. So I am fast coming to the conclusion that I can’t see them even though this  sorrows my  heart because they have been a part of my life so long. There is no peace or comfort for me in these friendships and I would constantly be defending my position and under attack, because I won’t “water it down.”  I’ll keep  praying for them and offer up my heartache, regret and sadness over the loss to my Lord Jesus. New friends more aligned keep coming and I rejoice in that, and regret that these folks haven’t grown in spiritual wisdom.  Please do not let them be lost Lord! How my mom must have prayed that for us for so many years!

Ties in with the homily today. Jesus asking them to hate even their mother and father and take up their cross and follow Him. He was being dramatic to prove a point and I get that point. It’s painful, but I get it. People don’t want to deal with painful things. Less personal angst and internal suffering not to. Like Jesus we have to go willingly to the cross, and it is hard.


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