Part I

Last night a storm came up suddenly in my living room. Driving rain beat against my thoughts, heart, and spirit. A messenger came to warn me who had been in the eye of the storm and I leaned on them a little for support when the wind whipped all around us. Later after the clouds began moving away,  lightening fading into the distance, and rumblings echoing their last my mind began to clear. Breathing the cleansed air, my thoughts sharpened and clarified. Validation of what I suspected filtered in. Residual sadness at that reality I became resolute and hollow at the same time. Slowly a calm like in the eye of a tornado settled me down as I realized how my God so perfectly protected me and answered my maelstrom of questions. I was humbled and grateful but still saddened by the ugly disappointing truth. Why am I surprised? I’m all grown up and know how fragile and fallible we human beings are, and our Lord told of all of this. Of how power and money corrupts.

Expectations set us up for disappointment. Wish I didn’t have any.

Later in the day, a spiritual sister spoke with me about peace, reminding me again of what I knew, even though I always seem to second guess myself. “If one does not have peace, that is a sign from the Holy Spirit something is wrong”, she said. Many things are wrong. Our God however, is always right.

Praying for things we believe are in alignment with God’s will, we are fervent. If they do not manifest, we are usually disappointed, unless we are spiritually mature enough to detach from our egocentric desires. We may even complain to God or ask why He didn’t make it happen. Previously He may have allowed many things in the same context to go forward, but withheld a particular quest. In our humanity, at least most of us want to know why. So we question our good God, and rather than praying for patience, wander around with stunned looks on our faces, dazed and confused trying to”figure it out”

to be continued

About Susan Parker

Holistic Health Advocate Writer ( P.S. Parker) Musician
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2 Responses to Thunderstruck

  1. Richard W Tabler says:

    Susan, May God Bless you deeply for your work. Are you coming to Knoxville to join us and to document the October 15 and 16 Pro-Life Freedom Ride from Knoxville to Chattanooga? Do you know of other Pro-Life leaders who will be coming from around the country? Any help you can give us with encouraging and promoting this with as many people as possible would be appreciated .
    As one of our local spiritual leaders here in Knoxville, Pastor Cecil Clark, reminds us, “The Battle is the Lord’s.” His hand is on us and He will be omnipotent. Please help us to bring as many people as possible together in prayer and resolution to His honor and glory to heal the broken hearted.

    • susan4life says:

      Mr.Tabler God bless you and thank you for your wonderful inspiring words! You pray for me and I will pray for you in Knoxville and for the Freedom Rides. If I am supposed to be there then our God will arrange it.

      Some ideas as follows: Email everyone, be excited and ask them to pass it on immediately! Don’t leave out our dear predecessor the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., .and refer them to the PFL web site for the Freedom Ride information. Enlist the help of your friends and delegate! Talk to your Pro- Life leaders at the churches and Pregnancy Centers in your area and get them to contact folks. Make announcements at your churches at the end of services, and get someone eloquent and trusted to do it. Place a poster in the entry of the church where it is visible. Radio announcements on Christian radio in your vicinity. Make flyers and place where ever you can, telephone poles, stores, restaurants etc. Post on Facebook and MySpace, Tell them they will be surrounded by, and lifted up in love and truth by some of the most loving people on this earth because they will. Most of all pray. God will do the rest! He is able!

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