Daylight, 8 mm, Blessings

Resolution. Dark at first in my cave, daylight seeped in and grew, illuminating the shadows, then burst through washing me over with light. Emerging, I am come to, if I well know as I do, that everyone is damaged in some way, then understanding and compassion are the the only antidote. It is a self sacrificing love we all need and the good Lord brought me back to this one truth. I spoke what I had to speak, to whom I had to,  and made a space for love.

Awhile back I learned 8mm and Super 8 were two different things. Super 8 has sound and what I used in Birmingham does not. Got back what I processed and by looking at it, the light meter does not work and although I can see images, it is very cloudy. There is a regular jerk and that is either the camera or the cartridge. However what and how I shot was good. I realized the excitement of knowing when what one perceives in one’s head becomes reality and when it works, it is so satisfying and affirming!

Lots more later. Such a busy day ahead. God bless you all!

P.S. Parker

About Susan Parker

Holistic Health Advocate Writer ( P.S. Parker) Musician
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