Ups and Downs

The dust settles and life goes on. Reconciliation and resolution reign over us and thank goodness! Not forgotten, just forgiven as God has me. Put away and moving on.

My new friend Claire Culwell invited me to her interview with the 700 Club here in town. Interesting and informative to watch the producer and two cameramen conduct the interview. It was a pleasure to meet them also and to watch Claire talk about her birth Mom and the abortion and her survival, live and in person.  I formally met her wonderful adoptive parents and watched as they observed the public speaker their daughter had become. Claire is a very powerful and beautiful young woman whom God is using to tell a very special story of a survival involving abortion. Her entire story on her web site at . The 700 Club spot will air on one of the last two weekends of the month. Check her web site/Facebook for updates or changes.

On close review of the 8mm, some can be used, so I’ll develop the other two cartridges as well, two more rolls of stills and what we took at Unite For Life Houston has been “captured”. That means it is taken off the video into a computer editing program. I’ll be looking for a Super 8 a bit newer than mine with a  light meter that works!

Today I had a productive conversation with a videographer referred by my mentor who was in broadcasting, and a film producer at my work, who both gave me great advice all in one day! God provides so beautifully!

P.S. Parker

About Susan Parker

Holistic Health Advocate Writer ( P.S. Parker) Musician
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