A New Psalm

Oh my dearest loving Father! My heart cries out in ecstasy of knowing that I am your own! You did not turn away or ignore me when I stood shaking  in the cold dark desert, and soaked in agony cried out to you with a terrible sound from my mouth like dying, like the last soul left on earth on the last day. I could no longer offer my suffering for souls and sinners, as I had become the suffering. With great effort my plea of last resort soared through the dark sky, an arrow, until it reached the third heaven and your ever listening ears. It touched the great outer light surrounding your magnificence and turned into gold. Then, with tender care and mercy you sent back my anguished prayer with your answer and your perfect love. My arrow returned to me full of love and light and pierced and warmed and regenerated my dying heart. Your great mystery manifested itself to me here on the earth and the the gift of yourself illumined the dark recesses full of devouring demons, and they turned tail and ran away. You in your greatness came to me and held me in your arms like a baby. You stroked my face and comforted me. Like a ballast in the storm you stood beside me, and when I realized your great mercy a long absent smile lit my face. I had reached up to you with all my might and you reached back from heaven  to soothe my aching soul, and gifted me with the balm of solace.  Awe and joy washed over me as I experienced you, the great weaver of our lives, in this way. Your arms cuddled my shoulders grown cold, warming them and giving me strength. You took me to your Holy House and showed me your beauty and safety. A miracle just for me. Out of all the poor broken hearts calling out to you today, you answered my heart’s cry. Why? Perhaps because you know I will always be faithful and never be at rest or peace until I reach you?

Lord, everything you said is true, and you do not abandon your children!

P.S. Parker

About Susan Parker

Holistic Health Advocate Writer ( P.S. Parker) Musician
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