Cooking With Gas on All Four Burners!

In recent weeks the pro-life movement, boosted by a re-instated conservative and family values element on “The Hill”,  has been re-energized!  Conservative, meaning to conserve, as in values.

A successful, albeit disturbing sting operation exposing illegal and look-the-other way practices of Planned Parenthood in offering abortions to underage girls through a male pimp no less hit the mainstream media.

In Philadelphia, the FBI investigation of a certain murderous abortionist and his overseers, or lack thereof, revealed more horrific and unspeakable evidence for which he has since been arrested.

Add to the mix a best-selling hugely informative book “Unplanned” by Abby Johnson,  former director of a Planned Parenthood  and  now pro-life activist,  as well as many of our reps demanding the de-funding of Planned Parenthood ASAP.

All this has been a shot in the arm for our struggle for life. We haven’t had many. Icing on the cake was the passing of the Texas sonogram bill, requiring abortionists to provide all women a sonogram before an abortion.

The disinterested stance and bias of the Austin media is the experience most cities have when it comes to pro-life events, even though there are more than 450,000 Catholics  in the Austin Diocese, not to mention many thousands of Protestants and others who are whole life. A long time pro-life acquaintance who shall remain nameless calls Austin “Sodom on the Gomorrah”, although HE wouldn’t mind if I used his name.

Last week, prior to conducting our national “Vigil For Victims”on the sidewalk at the Burnet Road Planned Parenthood office and South Ben White Planned Parenthood, both here in Austin, I contacted all of local television stations with a proper press release. Not one station chose to cover it.  San Antonio Channel 4 news did.  H-m-m-m. Could that be because San Antonio is the most Catholic city is the U.S. ?? I have learned to follow-up with phone calls this time around and to be more persistent.

Eighteen people took their lunch break that day to stand on  that corner,  hold signs and hand out 100 flyers to passersby about the Lila Rose sex trafficking of underage girls sting, hot off the press. Some folks already knew about it, some didn’t and were shocked at the news. A few looked at me shaking their heads and suddenly I realized they thought we made it up. Lying. Wow! I am committed to telling the abject truth and being completely transparent without dramatizing anything, except emphasis to underscore the seriousness of an issue. To the best of my knowledge, no one Photoshops pictures or lies about what is going on in the battle against abortion and better support for pregnant women! We are mostly God believers,  and are accountable to a higher power which is why we do this to begin with! It’s not politics as usual, where lying has almost come to be expected, let me be clear.

Tomorrow is the first day of the Christian forty days of Lent and also the first day of the bi- annual “40 Days For Life”, a peaceful and prayerful vigil at abortion facilities in Austin, across the nation, and internationally.

Today, we as a movement are stronger, more outspoken and there is a powerful sense of momentum in the air. We know there will be setbacks, but we will never be put down. Social networking and new media have reinforced cohesiveness  and strengthened our communications. We will not stop and we will never give up or be silenced. We are peaceful and prayerful, but unafraid. We are harmless, that is true, but don’t be deceived, GOD IS NOT MOCKED! To those pro-choice  ( insert pro-death even if they don’t get that yet)  folks who may be reading this, welcome! However, one can pretend something evil is good, but it doesn’t make it so. We are praying for you too. Have you seen St. Michael and his terrible swift sword? This is the sword of truth and justice for the pre-born people, and others who cannot speak, who have no voice except for us. I challenge you to think. War is a terrible thing, yes, and it hurts people, but so does abortion.

It hurts the most innocent and beautiful part of creation.

During these 40 days of Lent we will pray and stand up for an end to the slaughter, a return to charity, chastity, to family values and personal responsibility. For men to ‘man up’ and women to be feminists for life, and both to reject selfishness!  I call on all people;  housewives, singles, students, priests, rabbis, even atheists and agnostics for life, which there are some although you may not have known it,  to show up!! Write letters, speak out, blog,  and contact your reps to Washington, stand and pray, encourage your pastors to stand and pray and to make yourselves visible! Prayer is key to those of us who have realized God’s love, and housebound elders can do this very well. Most everyone can do something, and everything we do counts! We all have jobs and many have children. No excuses. Make them a part. I have lots of friends who do and their children are learning the most powerful lesson they can ever learn, to care for others. With everyone on board and pulling their weight we will take begin to take the dark blight and curse of the legalized murder of innocents off our country and the world.

I make a personal and heartfelt plea to the thousands upon thousands of women and men who unfortunately have participated in abortion in the past, to stand up for what they know is right. Although it can be difficult in this society to be transparent about one’s mistakes,  I personally promise that your participation in whatever way you can will evoke special graces, big and small. Your life will be altered, and you will not be alone but will have the support of the pro-life community. Here I will also remind the PL community that these men and women will need your sensitivity, understanding and support. There is a lot of support for you and more love than I have ever seen, for you, for the babies, for the workers. You will feel it.

Lent reminds us and instructs us again, that in order to draw closer to God, we need to be selfless, drop the ego, and be willing to choose sacrifice in order to grow spiritually and stand for the truth. May our good God bless us all in our Lenten journey and may we be drawn up together, one spirit, closer to the Lord!


Funny how it all comes ’round. Counter- cultural in the 60’s and 70’s I was strongly against the war in Viet Nam. When I was seventeen I briefly joined SDS, ( Students For a Democratic Society)  in Denver and un-joined three days later when I saw they weren’t doing much. Or maybe that was God’s hand. Back in Chicago, I walked proudly and passionately in many peace marches against the Viet- Nam war with my left leaning theater company. A war which we never won and in which some of my friends died and some were damaged forever. (Let me point out that I never jeered or insulted any soldiers, nor did any of my friends, and I had utmost respect for them.) I have a vivid memory of marching to the Federal building where Phil Ochs was singing anti-war songs and being tear gassed for peacefully gathering to protest.  How ironic. Here I am, counter cultural again,  in an even more important war.  A war of prayer and peace and love in front of abortion facilities.

Join us! If you have an interest, please contact the Austin Coalition For Life. Just click the link on the right to go there. You may sign up and take the next sidewalk counselor training or come on out to stand and peacefully pray. Sidewalk counselor training supports speaking to women and men at the abortion facilities to lovingly assist them in making a better decision for themselves and their child by directing them to Pregnancy Resource Centers and other support. Come out and when you can. See what it is all about.

( Stay tuned for documentary updates and more posts, and keep the faith! )

P.S. Parker

About Susan Parker

Holistic Health Advocate Writer ( P.S. Parker) Musician
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1 Response to Cooking With Gas on All Four Burners!

  1. Theresa S. says:

    Awesome post, Susan! You hit the nail right on the head! It is time for our nation to wake up to what is really happening in those clinics. God bless those who are standing out with 40 Days for Life to pray peacefully in this battle against the Culture of Death. May a special blessing be given to those who, like you, were counter-cultural then and find themselves now on the winning side against the Culture of Death.

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