Battlefield: The Peaceful Church Militant

Wars are always going on and on. One ends, another one starts somewhere else. I am reminded of old Bob Dylan song “Blowin’ In The Wind” that says,” How many deaths will it take ’till he knows that too many people have died?”

Another war is being waged on another battlefield every day. People are being brutally slaughtered on the pro-life battlefield all the time.  Killed before they are born. But we don’t kill their murderers, abortionists and abortion workers, the over fifty million women who have chosen abortion or persons who were complicit in those murders. Boyfriends, husbands, parents, probably another fifty million, and many more unreported “back alley’ procedures. Also guilty are the government entities who passed the law that supports this murder, and all of these adding up to many millions of souls. People deluded and mislead by the evil one, with SOULS.

The catechism of the Catholic church says we have a right to protect our families and country from harm, therefore war, sometimes justified, and sadly sometimes not. In the pro-life arena we wage war in another way, through prayer, education and outreach, showing up for women in front of abortion facilities armed with love, support and alternative resources. Another weapon is our vote and legislation to protect people from abortion. Even if it means protecting them from themselves, we do our best.

It also says prisoners of war should be justly treated, no torture. For individuals who have committed serious crimes we have jails, and if Jesus forgave the people who killed him, shouldn’t we? We don’t forgive and then kill. We are called to forgive, as difficult as it is sometimes, and to pray for that person to repent and ask forgiveness. He did it from the cross. If the person is killed we eliminate the possibility of repentance, spiritual change and growth. Sometimes people don’t change or repent. Still we must pray for them. ” Do good to those who hate you.”Jesus and so many of the Saints gave us that example.  “Vengeance is mine ” said the Lord.” “Be angry and sin not”  says St Paul. Someone else asked recently on another blog if using the death penalty to make someone feel better is okay? Does feeling better outweigh a person’s soul? The answer is obvious. We all must forgive in order to enter heaven because Jesus asked us to and He lived and died for everyone, murderers too. He came for, and is still here for sinners!

I am reminded of St. Maria Goretti, stabbed repeatedly by a young man who tried to rape her. She forgave her murderer on her deathbed for the love of Jesus. She said because she had forgiven him and asked God to forgive him, he would go to heaven and she would see him there! She desired his soul to be saved. She was a real, live flesh and blood person, not some mythological creation! We are all called to desire our brothers and sisters go to heaven, and that includes abortionists and others who have tortured and or have been complicit in the taking of life. Another piece of this story we don’t think about goes, the police had to restrain an angry mob who wanted to hang her murderer on the spot. If they had succeeded, he would not have repented, which he did and deeply. God used Maria and her attacker. They demonstrated to us forgiveness, and repentance.

Why do we have Saints? To teach us to live more Godly lives. To help us to make more Christ-like choices and to grow in holiness.

Thank you Jesus our savior for forgiving us. Thank you for your mercy and compassion for all your children. We love you and wish to do your will. Enlighten our hearts and minds with your truth. Give us the grace we need to grow stronger in battle here on earth and to be more of what you desire us to be. Strengthen us for the battle until the end.

St Maria Goretti pray for us!                                                       JMJ

About Susan Parker

Holistic Health Advocate Writer ( P.S. Parker) Musician
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2 Responses to Battlefield: The Peaceful Church Militant

  1. nalidabesson says:

    Great post, Susan. We definitely need those examples of forgiveness. Thanks for the wonderful insights.

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