The Church, Rule of Law and Personhood

This in reply to my question to a friend, a devout Catholic about Ron Paul as a Presidential candidate concerning abortion and states rights. With his permission I quote:

” Look to Thomas More on this one. Pick up a copy of ‘A Man for All Seasons.’ It is a good introduction to the Catholic teaching on the Rule of Law. The problem is that the Supreme Court overstepped its constitutional authority in order to pass the abortion Law. It acted as the Legislature and the Executive Branches of government. Without restoring the constitution it won’t matter if congress and a president ratify a life amendment to the constitution when the Supreme Court will declare it unconstitutional.

Ron Paul says, as the constitution does, that falls under the per-view of the State. Pryor to Roe v Wade, all states declared abortion illegal. The constitution worked because people respected the Rule of Law.

It all goes to government being more local to respect the sovereignty of the person. Most Catholics are unaware of the Church’s teaching on personhood, or the Rule of Law.

In “A Man for All Seasons”, More’s son in law Roper proclaims that he would cut down all the laws. I won’t give you More’s response. You will have to go see the movie.”

The Rule of Law

Catechism of the Catholic Church, Part 3 Section 1, Chapter 2.

Here’s the link.

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