About Me

Hi! Good to meet you! I began this blog at the suggestion of a friend when I commenced to endeavor to create a pro-life documentary. If you wish you may subscribe to get daily posts! Here’s a little history.

Resident of Austin,TX since 1982 although I originally hale from the the great North country, southwestern Michigan and Chicago.

My conversion began long before I was baptized and confirmed in the Catholic faith 1991. Because of my believing mother who prayed for me I have always been very close to Jesus and studied scripture. Over the years I attended various churches of various flavors but didn’t find one that felt like home until 1991, and it was Catholic. I felt love and forgiveness and like I had come home.

Through the years I always read scripture, prayed and sought God in the midst of my previously very carnal life, and I asked Jesus to always keep His hand on me and never let me go. He never did! He has saved me over and over and many miraculous events occurred. Ask and you shall receive, because He is faithful! The Lord has lovingly guided me me along, pruning and clipping and burning away the debris in my life and forgiving the many dire mistakes I have made, the worst being abortion. He has taught me compassion and the truth. He has come close to me and made my conversion deep and strong. I will always be  sinful by nature but through his goodness and mercy he brought me to today and I pray for grace to grow in holiness and to please Him more. There have been many difficult trials, but He has walked through them with me. Looking back, I see the hand of God  since the beginning of my very young life as so many of us do.

I began to pursue healing concerning my abortion experience starting in the late 1980’s. In 2002 in San Antonio I joined Silent No More. I did not become actively involved until I talked with a friend who had participated in Project Rachel, much to my surprise. I felt if I became more active in pro-life activities my healing would deepen and I attended a pro-life meeting through the diocese. Georgette Forney, one of the founders Silent no More was encouraging me to become a Regional Director but asked that I attend a Project Rachel or similar program. I did and then decided to abandon the director position as it is really a full time job. However 40 Days for Life came to Austin and I took the training and began praying and counseling in front of the abortion facilities. I hold my sign that says “I Regret My Abortion” for several 40 Days campaigns. It has been a tough, powerful and healing experience. I wrote and spoke one of my first speeches at one of the halfway rallies. God has taken me to places I never knew I would go and to meet people I never thought I would meet.  I am honored to be a part of the biggest spiritual/civil battle we are facing the world today.  I am also honored  to have met some of the best people I have ever known in this movement for life, who are SO full of love, in Austin and around the country.

To be a part of telling the truth in love, is an awesome and life changing experience and responsibility and I take it very seriously. I encourage anyone who feels an interest to take the brief training for 40 Days For Life and begin the next campaign. We still stand and pray and counsel in between campaigns because abortions go on as long as the facilities are open. And it’s NJFC! Not just for Catholics! Many local Protestant churches, including African American churches, are involved. They need to be involved, as Planned Parenthood targets minority neighborhoods like the big new one in Houston. This ‘seal of approval’, government mandated murder affects and involves all people. It’s population control and the certain populations are targeted more than others. That would be, college age young women and minorities and there are lots of statistics to prove it. If you are not comfortable with counseling, then standing to pray and to be a presence in front of the facilities is just as powerful and meaningful. Hearts are touched and and softened by the sight of people praying. Graces received from your participation will outweigh any discomfort you may experience. If your heartstrings are plucked, then it is God calling. Please don’t hang up! Listen, follow. You will be graced beyond what you can imagine.

The people I have met in this movement have a burden on their hearts for the unborn and for the women and men damaged by abortion. Some have become close and trusted friends. Some like family! We love people who have had abortions, and we pray for the conversions of people working in the facilities, and are there to support them also. We direct survivor/victims to Project Rachel or similar programs where they can receive aftercare and find jobs for people who want to leave. We refer women for sonograms and provide resources for ongoing assistance.

From personal experience, women who make a decision for abortion will suffer from the damage of their choice even if they did not fully understand it. God wants us to love everyone and to dole out mercy not anger, because He is merciful.

I cannot take back the past, but I tell the truth, the truth about the lie and evil of abortion to anyone who will listen. The truth that sets us all free. And I pray. So can you. I pray that you will choose to become involved in praying and stepping up and stepping out to be a voice for the voiceless. You won’t regret your commitment. I guarantee it will enrich your life in ways that can’t be put into words. We need everyone! We need you!

Let our hearts be for the rights of the innocent unborn and the women and men who will be damaged from the choice of abortion, and for the abortion workers who may be deluded that they are doing good. I love, we love all of them and want the highest and the best for all of them. Let us not be holier than thou or haughty or talk down to God’s people, but straight across, keeping in mind we are sinners all of us and all children of the same creator God!

At the installation of my confirmation name, Joan, after St. Joan of Arc, the priest told me not to go and start any wars. Prophetically, I automatically replied “There is more than one way to fight a war.” Little did I know,  in a few short years, I would be taking up this fight alongside many thousands of others who have been on the front lines for a long time.

I am grateful for God’s mercy for all of us, for we all have fallen and come short of the glory of God.

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