” First Right ” Trailer and Info

A member of Silent No More since 2003, a group that acknowledges women who have been wounded by abortion and need healing, and 40 Days For Life for the past two years, I am a post abortive woman who has come to healing and the truth. It is my deep desire to be a witness, to tell my story, our story about the evil and damage caused by a crime against humanity to as  many as will listen.

I have always been a strong admirer of Dr. Martin Luther King. When I heard about Priests For Life, Father Frank Pavone and Dr Alveda King organizing the Pro Life Freedom Ride in Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta Georgia, I became convicted in my heart to join them. I attempted to organize a group from Austin, and planned to go on my own, to journal and take photos.  I questioned a professional cameraman I had met about tripods,  he said it would make a good documentary, and I had to agree. He put me in touch with a videographer and career journalist who has since become a mentor, and she confirmed it would be good documentary material. The more I thought about it, the more excited I became.  I was then crash- coursed over the next few weeks in documentary film making, and began advertising for videographers.

Most people know from the Declaration of Independence, we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These are called “natural” rights,  the right to life being the first. Without the right to live, to be born, everything else is a moot point, and we have no other rights. Stating the obvious here, but if one meditates on this, much will be revealed. Slow down and consider. Remember Martha and Mary and what Jesus said about “the better part.” Think deeply and don’t just absorb what you are spoon fed.

We live in a high tech media age and I am convinced, and it is common knowledge people will look at video/film more often than  read a book. It is my desire to reach a broad spectrum of folks who may not otherwise be reached. I became convinced that I am to produce this piece from the viewpoint of a woman who has been through abortion,  helping people to see and understand the evil and lie that abortion is. That is it the opposite of love and damages a woman on a soul and spirit level which can be unconscious but still there. Nothing new but with a new signature.

When you read the blog, start to recent post, you will see how it all has come about so far.

Slowly, with guidance from the Holy Spirit, this will be finished and I am convinced the hand of God is upon it. Please pray for ” First Right” and  God bless all of you. This is everbody’s fight. Just as Auschwitz and Hitler was evil because he killed innocent people, the most helpless and youngest people are tortured and dying every day because no one has stopped the perpetrators! I encourage everyone to step up and step out to pray, stand and fight for life, light and truth!

If the spirit moves you please donate. It takes a lot of money to travel, pay for videographers,  editing etc.

( If you don’t know how to read a blog, go to the oldest post, No. 1  and read backwards. )

2 Responses to ” First Right ” Trailer and Info

  1. It is a great blessing to have Fr Pavone and Dr. Alveda King on board. God Bless you all in this battle.

  2. Theresa Sismilich says:

    Awesome trailer! You go, Susan!

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