Rooster In the City ( reprise )

To hear a rooster crow in the city is out of place. It doesn’t fit in the normal everyday background hustle and bustle. As urban dwellers we are immune to the buzz and drone of city life. But his sharp throaty cry causes our ears to prick up and  think, what was that? In the auditory landscape it unsettles, even grates because it just doesn’t blend. It can be a lonely, isolated noise,  strong and insistent.  Some don’t know the noble cockerel sometimes makes the same clucking noises as a hen as well, leading the other chickens to food.  He does what he was born to and natural for him, and can be heard from a long way off. In case people have fallen back asleep after turning off the alarm clock, his clear piercing call wakes them up again, and they are usually grateful.

Sometimes we need to be woken up again. We need someone to come along, clear the brush away and point to the  grass growing underneath. We need to be startled out of our routine of resting on our reliable laurels and gather our integrity back from where it spread out to make itself comfortable.

P.S. Parker



About Susan Parker

Holistic Health Advocate Writer ( P.S. Parker) Musician
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