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The Church, Rule of Law and Personhood

This in reply to my question to a friend, a devout Catholic about Ron Paul as a Presidential candidate concerning abortion and states rights. With his permission I quote: ” Look to Thomas More on this one. Pick up a … Continue reading

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Battlefield: The Peaceful Church Militant

Wars are always going on and on. One ends, another one starts somewhere else. I am reminded of old Bob Dylan song “Blowin’ In The Wind” that says,” How many deaths will it take ’till he knows that too many … Continue reading

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Victim – Perpetrator

Abortion.  How I have come to hate this word. Some of you have noticed how some words when spoken sound like what they represent, say for instance vomit. Sorry, but you get my drift. In my book abortion is one … Continue reading

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Rooster In the City ( reprise )

To hear a rooster crow in the city is out of place. It doesn’t fit in the normal everyday background hustle and bustle. As urban dwellers we are immune to the buzz and drone of city life. But his sharp … Continue reading

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All That Glitters Is Not Gold

­ John Adams said, ” The Constitution was designed for a moral and religious people – it will not work otherwise. That is the thesis.  Government­, academics and culture have to be fully aware that by promoting an agenda that … Continue reading

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Freedom Ride Again

Last August before we left Birmingham in caravan on I-20 behind the Pro-Life Freedom Bus on the way to Atlanta, we were warned of trouble ahead. Fr. Frank Pavone’s people were told to expect a large unhappy group protesting our … Continue reading

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That, Was Interesting!

So, ask and you shall receive! After the last post with me asking for prayer to de-fund Planned parenthood, ( and we all have been praying for this of course) the Texas house did just that.  Yee-haw and I’m proud … Continue reading

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The 14th Day

On the 14th Day of the Worldwide 40 Days For Life Shawn Carney posted this content in his daily email update; a REAL story from the ongoing vigil for life. “You have twins. That will be another $350.” She did … Continue reading

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Cooking With Gas on All Four Burners!

In recent weeks the pro-life movement, boosted by a re-instated conservative and family values element on “The Hill”,  has been re-energized!  Conservative, meaning to conserve, as in values. A successful, albeit disturbing sting operation exposing illegal and look-the-other way practices … Continue reading

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“If you are going to tell the truth, make them laugh or they will kill you.” George Bernard Shaw Yep, that’s about right! ( Me )

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